Monday, December 29, 2008

Slow Down Sammy Hagar!

"I can't drive 65!" is my new motto. I've been slowing down ever since I read that 55 saves more than lives; it saves on carbon dioxide emissions!

It isn't easy to slow down - and yet, it feels strangely pleasant, like visiting an old hometown in the Midwest, where the people are peaceful and friendly, and the air is clean, and the sky is........

Yes, it's downright pastoral to be the lone, unrushed driver on the freeway.

It's helpful to use my cruise control on the long stretches, because otherwise there is a certain anxiety about tootling along at a speed 20 miles per hour slower than everyone else. It's made me really think about the importance of where I'm going and how long it takes me to get there. It lets me remember that my personal schedule isn't reason enough to contribute extra emissions to our environment.

Dropping down to 55 mph isn't a big thing - it's a small thing, really, but it's one of many small things anyone can do to be a friend for a green world. It won't even cost you anything - except a little time.

Join me, experience the nostalgia of the '80's and make this small, but thoughtful contribution to sustainable living.

Here's some more info that will hopefully inspire you too.

Green Energy News, July 4, 2008 – Vol.13 No.15

Finally, someone in Congress is considering a bold step to cut the cost of gas. Senator John Warner (R) of Virginia is suggesting that Congress might consider bringing back a national speed limit.

Warner has sent a letter to Department of Energy (DOE) Secretary Samuel Bodman asking the department to look into what speed limit would provide optimum gasoline efficiency given current automotive technology. Warner also wants to know if the administration might support efforts in Congress to require a lower speed limit.

In 1974Congress set a national speed limit of 55 mph because of shortages caused by the Arab oil embargo. The speed limit was repealed in 1995 when crude oil was $17 a barrel and gasoline was $1.10 a gallon.

The Senator noted in his letter that studies had shown that the 55 mph speed limit saved 167,000 barrels of oil a day, or 2 percent of the country's highway fuel consumption. Up to 4,000 traffic deaths a year were avoided as well, with the lower maximum speed.

From the Green Daily:

In an effort to cut Spain's dependency on foreign oil, the government has decided to enact a speed limit of 80km nationwide -- that's just below 50mph. According to a statement from Spain's industry minister Miguel Sebastián: ""Every time we lift our feet off the accelerator, we are improving GDP and employment."

Remember, doing a little and doing it slower is more fulfilling than thinking that a little won't matter.

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