Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Why Friends For A Green World?

A short while ago I watched Al Gore's speech - A Generational Challenge to Repower America. It changed me. It moved me to take action - many small actions - to begin to be a part of this transforming of America.

It occurred to me that many people have already taken actions to begin this transformation. We don't hear about them, unless we know them personally, and even among our circles of friends it may not be brought up.

I want to hear about everyone in this country making choices to live a sustainable lifestyle. I want to host this honor roll of courageous pioneers who make these choices, sometimes against economic good sense, but for the good of the whole. I want to laud each and everyone who chooses non-toxic cleaners for their homes, who buys biocompostable trash bags, who gives their child water for school in a reusable bottle, who buys a hybrid, rides a bike to work, installs geothermal or solar.

There are a thousand ways to be a part of this revolution - tell us who you are and what your choice was today. Send an email, send a pic or a link to your video about how you are part of the change we all wish to see.

When others see your example, they, too, will be changed - it is a seed that may bear fruit tomorrow or next year, but they will be changed.

Wayne Dyer talks about a study in which the serotonin levels and immune function were monitored in subjects performing acts of kindness. When that person performed the act of kindness his/her levels went up - giving them greater health and wellbeing. Then it was observed that the recipient experienced an increase in both as well. The best part for me was that the study revealed that those who simply observed the acts of kindness received the same benefits to immune function and serotonin levels as the two people directly involved.

Choosing environmentally sustainable technologies is a communal act of kindness - please share it with all of us - your gift will be magnified and your choice made even more powerful.

Join us.

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Anonymous said...

I decided to put solar on my home on the central coast of CA (think fog most of the summer). And because I use relatively little electricity, it will take many years to have the system costs recouped. But I'm stoked at the idea of my PGE meter turning the other direction, and with the cost of electricity going up yearly, it may be much shorter to 'break even' than predicted.

My 2.8 Mwatt system will consist of 15 panels on a south facing roof. They will be installed by RECSolar the end of October.
Linda A