Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Even Gamers Can Be More Green

If you or someone you love is a gamer - Wii, Playstation, XBox - the NRDC has published a study on the impact gaming is having on our nation's energy consumption and the accompanying greenhouse emissions that results from it.
Why is this important?  Well, it turns out that current energy usage for gaming is "roughly equal to the annual electricity use of the city of San Diego." (page 4)
Having recently become one of the '4 out of 10' households with a gaming console, I was relieved to see that by mere chance we had chosen the most energy efficient console, the Wii.  It hadn't occurred to me prior to our purchase that I should even check to see what the efficiency was.  We'd do it if it was a frig, a tv, a car, but the energy conscious part of my brain was, until now, disconnected from my playing brain.  No excuse, but enlightening.  It is making me wonder what my other 'green blindspots' might be.
For owners of the less efficient consoles the NRDC has recommendations for reducing energy consumption (page 24) - and this will save you money - while you lessen your carbon footprint.
This very helpful section of the NRDC website is a wonderful place to begin or continue your education - who knows what I'll learn next.

Remember, doing a little is more fulfilling than thinking that a little won't matter - make one small change, learn one new thing about sustainable lifestyle and you will educate and inspire those around you.

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