Saturday, December 20, 2008

Eco My Brain

I've learned about an interesting website, I've found far too many interesting titles in just the first few minutes of looking. Here's their story from their site:

"EcoBrain: Our Story
EcoBrain was started by two families living across the continent from each other - one in Canada and one in the US - who were both passionate about learning to live green and setting an earth-friendly example for their children.

Both families also have publishing backgrounds. They love books, but they are also familiar with the environmental costs as well as the actual production costs absorbed by the publisher. So how can people learn more about the environment from the experts while helping reduce waste and costs? By selling books and other media in a digital format!

EcoBrain knows it isn't always easy to get published. And the costs can be staggering. But by publishing in an eBook format, new publishers can produce and publish their material much more quickly, cheaply and profitably. Publishers who are going green can and should be rewarded for their efforts by earning more, while reducing both their own costs and environmental costs as well. EcoBrain makes it possible for publishers to get the green word out in a cost effective and environmentally friendly manner!

The two families are proud of how EcoBrain has come together and how its conception has helped their children learn about new ways to help the environment. EcoBrain is becoming the green community destination and resource and continues to be a great success not only for publishers and authors, but for the environment. And that is how it should be.

Best wishes from EcoBrain."

I've wishlisted quite a few titles already, but this is the one I want to start with, since healthy homes are my passion as well as my business: Homes That Heal (and those that don't): How Your Home May Be Harming Your Family's Health.

You can find more information about the why's and how's of creating a healthy home - a company called Nikken offers a Wellness Home - I encourage you to view the videos and learn how simple the tools can be. Every illness you prevent for you and your family translates directly into a healthier environment.

Remember, doing a little is more fulfilling than thinking that a little won't make a difference.

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