Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Sustainable Diet

At first blush this title sounds like it might be the holy grail of dieting - you know, sustaining that diet that made you drop 30 pounds in 2 months.

It also sounds like the latest nutritional best seller - The Sustainable Diet. I checked Amazon, nothing yet. Maybe I can write it.

Although I'm not a nutritionist, dietician, chef or even a 'foodie', I've had an awareness of my diet since childhood. My mom was the only one I knew who gave her kids Royal Bee Gelly and Ginseng Tea (no sweeteners!). We were the only ones without white bread and Hostess was completely absent from our home. We still had occasional treats like cheesecake, but candy bars and nutritionally empty snack foods laden with preservatives were never available. Sodas and junky breakfast cereals? No way!

I don't think my mom thought of herself as progressive, but lucky for me, she had the right instincts about nutrition. It gave me the ability to think outside the mainstream when it came to food.

Earlier I talked about the amount of oil used in the production of beef. Letting go of eating beef seemed very doable for me, and all the findings suggest that it's actually more healthy. Will I ever eat beef? Sure, if my host or Hostess has graciously prepared it, or if the restaurant I'm patronizing has free range, organic, psychologically happy, humanely slaughtered beef.
But what about all the other animal food products? The hardest core environmentalists (in my opinion) assert that to be a true one you must be vegetarian, vegan, even. This is such an extreme concept to most people and even with my awareness about it, to me, that at first I rejected it utterly.

Deep breath.

Didn't I just read that Hemp Seeds provide all the proteins necessary for human nutritional needs? Yup, but how can a bunch of little seeds possibly be as satisfying as chicken? I decided to give them a try and have been pleasantly surprised. They taste good and I actually feel satisfied after eating them on my salad or yogurt. I've also experimented with the Organic Hemp Milk, how crazy does that sound?

So, that takes care of the poultry, now what about those morning eggs I had grown to love and count on. I've always believed eggs were a terrific food, even when everyone wanted me to give up the yolk. However, in my experiment with a sustainable diet I had to try a vegetarian alternative. I chose OPTIMUM POWER BREAKFAST cereal. The box is impressive and empowers me just by looking at it. It also does a fantastic job of keeping my energy level up until lunchtime.

I encourage each of you to try to substitute one thing this week - be bold, you never know what you might like. Just like Mikey.

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