Monday, September 22, 2008

Recycling Does Make A Difference

In my search for information about recycled paper products I came across a great website.  This group has terrific products and the prices are excellent.  I will be recommending this co-op to my school, local government offices, local non-profits and others.  I encourage you to check them out, too.  In just a few months they have made a tremendous difference - join them.

Recycled Products Cooperative 

As of 6/30/08, RPC members have purchased over 415,068 cases of 30% and 100% post-consumer recycled paper, saving:
* 91,655 trees
* 26,754,371 gallons of water
* 15,661,122 kilowatt hours of electricity
* And preventing 228,546 pounds of air pollution!

copied from the Recycled Products Cooperative homepage

Additionally, the NRDC has a useful, easy to read and take shopping list.  It gives brand names, recycled content info and bleaching info.  Recycled paper products are equal in quality to those created with virgin materials.....wait.......I'm wrong......they are superior due to the low environmental costs associated with their production.  You can find them at most mainstream stores now and if you're into online ordering you can buy any quantity you need at places like Recylcled Products Cooperative.

If you have a site that you currently use for this type of product - send us the address.  We'd love to highlight them, too. 

Remember, doing a little is more fulfilling than thinking that a little won't matter.

Send your first name, last initial, general locale and what YOUR sustainable choice was today!

Join us.

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