Monday, January 14, 2013

Air Filters and Flame Retardants

Have you wondered how the chemicals around you are affecting you? There are so many synthetic chemicals in use that it can be dizzying to try sorting through the information.

How can you live a more eco friendly life in the presence of these toxins?

It helps to understand what you're dealing with. One example of these chemicals can be found in our furniture, clothing, bedding, carpet padding and more...

like flame retardants.

There's important information on the effects of common flame retardant chemicals and fertility and according to Scientific American, the use of these chemicals is on the rise.
Here's an excerpt from an article at "for every ten-fold increase in blood levels of four PBDE chemicals tested, there was a 30 percent decrease in the odds a woman would conceive a child during a month." This is a serious concern and illustrates the importance of choosing green products for your family and home.
You can visit the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences for the abstract of the study. "Conclusions: We found significant decreases in fecundability associated with PBDE exposure in women. Future studies are needed to replicate and confirm this finding
In the meantime there are more reasons than ever to detoxify your home, your bedroom and your childrens' rooms. We can't eliminate everything, but we can create a healing environment where we sleep.
  1. Install a quality air filter. It should be capable of removing volatile organic compounds, as well as mold spores. 
  2. Use organic bedding.
  3. Use toxin-free flooring.
  4. Use low voc paint.
  5. Keep computers & tv's out of bedrooms.
The Environmental Working Group offers more excellent information in this article: Reducing Your Exposure to PBDEs in Your Home.

Remember, doing a little is more fulfilling than 
thinking that a little won't matter.

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